Jordan Sprogis

Blog Writer Jordan Sprogis was born and raised in the bustling city of Stamford, Connecticut. As a child, writing stories on her family’s ’90s-era desktop was better than doing just about anything else. In 2012, she attended Western Connecticut State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. After graduating, she taught preschool […]

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Charlotte Franklin

Charlotte has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming. Her education consisted of Web Design and Graphic Design as well. She has honed her design skills in the digital field, teaching herself how to use certain programs. Charlotte has worked in design in television, and has experience with website building in the radio […]

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Elijah Marin

SEO Specialist Elijah’s story began over ten years ago when he first discovered his passion for search engine optimization.He was at university at the time and noticed that his clients were struggling to get search engine attention on their websites.Intrigued by this problem, he began to research and experiment with various SEO methods and strategies […]

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