Rob Nugent


Vice President, CFO

Rob was born in Fort Smith, AR and grew up in Pocola, OK. He has lived in the area his entire life, except for a few years while away at college, which included Poteau, OK, Midwest City, OK and Norman, OK.

Rob attended Pocola Public schools (K-12) and graduated third in his senior class, which was, and still is, the largest graduating class ever from Pocola. He then attended Carl Albert Junior (now State) College in Poteau, OK, where he studied Industrial Engineering. Next, Rob continued his education at the University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) in Industrial Engineering. After leaving, OU, Rob enrolled at Westark Community College (now the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith) for both graphic design and again a few years later for Mass Communications.

Rob started to work for CyberSpyder in November of 2011, shortly after he married his wife, Stephanie. He felt that he could be an asset to the company with his managerial skills and the ability to handle customers adequately, both of which he acquired from previous jobs in management from both local and nationwide companies. Plus, the timing was perfect for him as one of the businesses had just closed, due to the owner shutting the business down. As a result, Rob was asked if he wanted to come to work for CyberSpyder and apply his skills with us.

Even though CyberSpyder is not an industrial company, the same engineering principals and logic can be applied to make processes flow more smoothly and expeditiously. With Rob’s engineering background and knowledge of business financial operations, he is able to see the larger picture and realize how a small change now can create a big change in the future, while also moderating the cash flow of our business.

The Steel Horse Rally web site, the FSDBA website, and Tri-State Speedway’s website are Rob’s favorite sites that he’s personally worked on. He doesn’t get a lot of time to work on websites as he’s always busy helping CyberSpyder to continue to grow from two full-time employees, when he started, to five full-time, one part-time employee, three contract employees, and numerous interns, who have worked with us over the last several years.

Outside of work, Rob also works as the track announcer, since 2001, at the mighty Tri-State Speedway, which is a dirt racing track in Pocola, OK. He also helps with their social media management and marketing. Rob also likes to work on home improvement projects, aka honey-do items. He owns a classic, numbers-matching 1985 Monte Carlo SS and enjoys listening to all types of music when he has the opportunity, whether in person or pre-recorded. Rob also volunteers and is a board member of the Fort Smith Downtown Business Association.

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