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Windows 8 Update Feature and Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Windows 8

     This bog post has two parts. If you want, you may read the Part 2 first, but the second has a relationship with Part 1.

Part 1

     For people who want to take a little more “hands on” approach to updating their Windows 8 updates from Microsoft, here’s the easiest way to get you to where you need to be: Press the Windows key

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The “problem” of Google using your photo and reviews in their ads – SOLVED!

For those of you worried about the new “problem” of Google using your Google account information (profile photo and reviews in ads) – click this link and then uncheck the box at the bottom (if checked) and click SAVE: https://plus.google.com/settings/endorsements?hl=en REMEMBER: This only affects you on Google products and ONLY if you have a Google […]

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