Add Some Holiday Cheer this December

For marketing teams, December can be a time for some great marketing tactics that are festive and filled with holiday cheer.

As you might know, many companies use similar marketing campaigns for the holidays every year. When I think of a holiday marketing success story, I think about Starbucks and the beloved holiday cup line they do each year. It is such a simple idea with a massive impact.

Every year, Starbucks will tease the new cups for the holiday season, and then sure enough midway through November, they start releasing these special cups. For something that started out as a simple red cup, they have really been able to expand the campaign and keep it relevant every year by creating new designs.

So, with all this being said, I think that the Starbucks cup campaign is a great model to follow for anyone’s marketing in December.

Courtesy of Starbucks and CNN

In order to find your version of the “red cup” you must first think about what is an essential part of your brand. Sure Starbucks’s main product is coffee, but the cup is the vessel for their product. Therefore, the cup is then part of the experience, and everyone knows that the experience is always a necessary investment to create something worth your customer’s time.

Secondly, once you have identified the essential piece of your brand, find a way to incorporate some holiday cheer into it. For example, maybe that is branded Christmas packaging if you sell candles, food products, or anything like that.

Then, you need to tell your customers about your new holiday additions. You could even think about adding something that makes it feel like an incentive and a special thing for your customers to participate in. Maybe this is free cookies through December or special bags you give out with every purchase. Who knows! It is up to you and what your brand entails.

Just remember, it is about creating a special experience for people and adding that holiday spirit to their everyday lives. That is how you can market something that means something to your people.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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