Golf Cars of Fort Smith

This is Mark Goodson, from Golf Cars of Fort Smith. Just a little background first. I am the perfect example of being computer illiterate. I know how to turn it on and look up a few things, but not very much.

At the golf car shop, we had a website, but it was terrible, hard to work, hard to load pictures, and just not very good. Driving in to work one morning, I heard a radio commercial for CyberSpyder. I thought it was a strange name for a computer company, but was easy to remember.

I gave them a call, visited with Steph for a bit, and set an appointment for the next week. She asked for me to send her some information on what we had so she could see what we were doing. 

When Steph showed up, she had some questions as to the direction we wanted to go and what we would like the finished product to look like. It took a couple of meetings for her to educate us as to what we could do with our new website and how to use it.

We have a great website today and it is because we took the time to call CyberSpyder. – M. Goodson, Golf Cars of Fort Smith

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