New Year and New Beginnings for Marketing

This January, lean into fresh starts with your marketing efforts. This does not mean getting rid of your brand identity and building anew. It also doesn’t necessarily mean taking your marketing in a different direction. Really, we are just trying to target the consumer with this one.

Everyone always plans for the new year and makes grand intentions. It can be going to the gym more often, eating healthier, having better finances, or even just relaxing more. Whatever it is, people always take the chance for a fresh and better start during January.

It is a beautiful thing about humans. We like to give ourselves second chances. Anyway, let’s not get too sappy over here. We are here to talk about how to give a little boost to your January business analytics.

So, you might be wondering how to market a fresh start. Sure gyms and health foods stores have the obvious answer to this question. They can market memberships, store cards, and everything in between to get people into their businesses. Yet, even if your business is not in one of these categories, I promise you can market the same idea on your own!

Let’s say you are a clothing store. You can run a donation drive for all people looking to clean out their closets! For those who donate, you can give them a special coupon or discount for participating in the clothing drive. People get a fresh start in their closets, do something good for the world, and get a good deal.

Furthermore, maybe you are a coffee shop owner looking to drum up some more business. Bring in incentives to those looking for new places to study as the new semester begins for schools. No one loves a coffee shop study space more than college students. You can offer punch cards or discounted drinks for first-time visitors. Additionally, you can give a discount to those buying coffee throughout the day as well. There are many options!

Whatever your business may be, there is a way to market a fresh start for the new year. Be creative and don’t be afraid.

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