Your website is looking its best yet and your social media is spot on. Now what? All your digital marketing efforts have been successful, but unless you get the word out, they will be useless. Although marketing has certainly evolved throughout the years, good PR still reigns as one of the best ways to build a solid customer base.

Press releases have their place, but every situation does not require a formal press release. Stay away from the standard format and try honing in on your unique specialty for your market area. Your presser should let customers know that you are a valuable, reliable and trustworthy source of information. Rather than something formal, volunteer to write a guest piece offering useful information to readers. A blog is another good way of establishing yourself as an expert while developing relationships with readers.

Who doesn’t like a free product or service? Create a campaign offering a giveaway to let people experience your product or service for themselves. Anytime someone can have an actual experience versus just reading or being told about a product or service, is always better and often results in a loyal customer.

Let your customers know you appreciate their business by saying a simple “thank you.” It doesn’t have to be anything special, just a little something extra to set yourself apart. For example, when I receive an Etsy order that has a little something extra from the business owner such as a handwritten note or special tissue paper, I fully understand their gratitude and it sticks out in my mind for future orders.

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