Phone and Laptop

The Desktop VS Mobile War Is Over, Are You On The Winning Side?

It's no surprise that mobile device users have surpassed desktop users in generating internet traffic. In late 2013 Google’s own Eric Schmidt stated that mobile devices are winning the war. He continues by saying that 2014 will be a victory lap for mobile computing.


Jumping to present day, Schmidt’s statement was dead on. Mobile browsers are now generating 51% of all internet traffic, and that statistic continues to rise.


Simply a phone or a digital sidekick?

Smartphones hold a special place in our lives. They are our constant companions, our personal assistants, and lifeline to the rest of the world. We would be lost without our smartphones. Admit it, when your phone gives you that dreaded critical battery level notification, all you can think is:

Smart phones have become part of our lives.

What does this mean to you as a small business owner?

What does responsive design mean to small business.

This shift in lifestyle opens a new world of marketing opportunities and challenges. Smartphones are always connected, giving you unprecedented access to potential customers.

Responsive design is no longer recommended, it's required!

Your website can no longer afford to not be mobile friendly. It’s not as simple as only offering a mobile website. You also  have to provide content to match.

Mobile users are restricted by their smaller screens, limited processing power, and often, expensive data rates. This situation creates a unique paradox. One would assume that with the limited resources available to mobile users, they would prefer the “lighter” text-only content; however, mobile users prefer highly visual content like infographics and video instead.

              Mobile users are restricted by screen size.

                                              When it comes to grabbing attention, size really does matter.

Drawbacks and challenges of responsive design.

Unfortunately, “second screening” has become a way of life. Mobile users will almost certainly be engaged in other tasks while on their smartphone, typically watching TV, hence the term second screening.

Think about the last time you were waiting in a check-out line. You checked your smartphone right? Do you remember how long you were able to focus on your screen before being distracted? Five, maybe ten seconds?

A fraction of that time is what you’ll have to present your message. Your content must be clear and concise. You only have a few precious moments to capture the viewer's attention.  

               mobile marketing is all about first impressions.

                                            Mobile optimized marketing is all about first impressions.

Are you ready to take your marketing efforts into the digital age?

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