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Social Media Lets You Stay In Touch With Your Customers During A Pandemic

It seems as if COVID-19 has really put social media marketing back at the top of most clients’ marketing lists. After all, when people are stuck at home with most things shut down, the audience is captive and starving for any sense of normalcy. I know that my family and I referred to social media on multiple occasions to find curbside deals from local restaurants and allowed us to still shop with some of our favorite local stores. The variety of social media options seems as if it changes daily from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok to you name it. It’s hard to keep up. This is where hiring a professional marketing firm like Cyberspyder Marketing will keep you from going crazy keeping up with all the latest trends. One key to social media marketing success is knowing your target audience. For example, I’m in my late 40’s, if I need to find something out, I tend to go to Facebook as that is where most of my “friends” are. My daughters are 20 and 25; Instagram is their go-to social media source. I will have to say though, I have become more attached to Instagram myself these last few months. On the other hand, my 20-year-old isn’t “married to” just one social media outlet, she also very much enjoys TikTok and YouTube.

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Here is a quick summary of how each social media platform stacks up, according to the 2020 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

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Facebook: Even before the current mass exodus of advertisers from Facebook, marketers have been diversifying away from this platform for the past two years. In the past, this platform was considered one of the single most important social media outlets, but they are gradually losing ground to just over 59% in 2020. However, they are still a very significant amount of marketers, 94%, that use Facebook. The live video platform is a growing and popular way for businesses to connect with clients on a personal level, which is more important than ever since we are limited on the amount of human contact we can have.

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Instagram:  This platform is gaining steam and is running a close second behind its parent company, Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, marketers are increasing their Instagram organic activity rather than decreasing. This is the number one platform marketers want to learn more about.

You won’t find a better time to step up your social media game. Contact CyberSpyder Marketing Services today to get your business noticed on social media.


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