Website Redesign

Is Your Website in Need of a Facelift?

If you stopped to read this, chances are that it probably does. Yes, the picture is a little extreme -  but that’s how people view an outdated site. You have probably shopped around and looked at your competitors sites to compare and contrast. Some of them may be worse, some of them a little better; and then there are the ones that make you feel like you’re shopping for a Lamborghini when you currently drive a 1987 Yugo. You assume they must cost a fortune and dismiss the thought that your site could look that good. In reality, your old or outdated site can be easily updated without costing you an arm and a leg.

Your website is like your virtual office. If your customers came into an unsightly, unorganized office that looks like it was last updated before they were walking, chances are they will leave and not return. And, let’s face it, if your office resembles a scene from Miami Vice, has wood paneling, or a cigarette burning in an amber colored ashtray on your desk, your customers will not just walk, they might run. The generations who equate an aged look to experience usually aren’t the ones who your business is trying to appeal to. If your site isn’t appealing to the eye, they will look elsewhere. I am a firm believer that “old-school” is great in many instances,  but in the digital and internet world this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a simple fact that analytics prove over and over again. 

How much does an up-to-date website actually matter? Website Maintenance is crucial when marketing any type of business. If you haven’t updated your site, Google rankings will decrease even if your website was once at the top of Google searches. If you have outdated information on your site, viewers and potential customers get a bad impression no matter how great your business truly is. Updating your site isn't just about making it look good; its also to be sure your website is visible when your potential customers are searching. 

Here are some of the main reasons you should update your site:

  • Your site will show up on search engines – new content equals better rankings
  • Your clients will be able to effectively use your site and be impressed by its up-to-date look
  • It will be equipped with the necessary tools to measure and show you the effectiveness
  • You can add updates to your website on your own (if you choose to)
  • Your site will be mobile friendly - more than 70% of searches are done on mobile devices
  • Security – old sites rely on outdated technology, this makes them more likely to be hacked
  • Speed – not many customers will wait on a site to load if it takes more than a few seconds
  • Customer friendly – a site that doesn’t allow your customers to perform easy tasks like schedule an appointment, pay a bill, or purchase an item isn’t profiting your business like it should. Customers want to be able to not only find information but to make their lives easier. The more options you give your customers, the more profitable your online business will become.

Dean Spasser came to us with some of the problems that are mentioned above.  He needed a fresh look, search engine optimization, and a user-friendly site. We took all of this into account and gave him a new version of what he thought was an “ok” site. Here is what Dean had to say about his new site when we completed it …

“Wow!!! Fantastic! That's what I have to say. Thank you so much! The website looks a million times better. You really know what you're doing. I can't wait to admire it a little later. It was so boring before, and you have made it come to life!! Thank you.” – Dean Spasser

We are proud to get our customers out of their Yugo and into that Lamborghini! (figuratively speaking, lol, and of course at a VERY affordable price) If you have thought of freshening up your site, call us today or fill out our simple Marketing evaluation form and we gladly quote you a price. 

Here are some before and afters of Dean Spasser's website. Heavenly-Scent Cleaning, St.Louis, MO


before and after chart                           

before and after chart