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Chatbots. You may have heard of them before, but have you heard what they can do for your business? Chatbots integrate Facebook Messenger with your website and your Facebook ads to help you communicate with your customers faster and easier. We can set up your chatbot to automatically answer questions, engage your customer base on a social media platform, and get your business new leads without you having to do anything more on your part.  But why else should you try messenger marketing through Facebook?


Why Facebook Messenger? It allows you to connect directly with your customers in a unique and easy way. Facebook users can opt-in for personalized messages and interactions by going to their profile and allowing the feature. This is an easy way for customers to connect with your business as soon as they are ready to buy, so there’s no wait time between wanting and getting what they want. This means more sales or conversions for your business for less effort!


Why Chatbots? Interactive chatbots are a great replacement for static FAQ pages and contact forms. They allow you to answer your customers’ questions 24/7 without fail or much effort on your part, so that you don’t lose customers in the wait time. Chatbots can also help guide your customers to the answers they need, while you can work on the more pressing matters of your business. To give you an idea of how it works, here is an example. A user comes to the chat and is given options for the subject of their question. After choosing a subject, the user may ask questions related to the topic, and the chatbot will use a pre-set script (which CyberSpyder sets up for you) to answer the question and link the customer to specific pages on your website, where the information is provided clearly and in detail. Wouldn’t you rather use a live chat than an FAQ page to answer your personalized questions and concerns?


Who is this for? These chatbots are for businesses who want to expand their service offerings and increase conversion rates. This service is great for businesses looking to reach a larger and younger customer base with little effort on your part, which means more income at the end of the day!

Chatbots are more efficient, faster, and cheaper than their human counterparts, and they’re always active! They retain more customers, answer more questions, and are more interactive than FAQ’s. At the end of the day, chatbots are the superior choice for expanding your business.

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