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Have You Thought About Your Terms of Use?

You’ve focused on the aesthetics of your website and letting people know about your great product or service, but have you thought about the Terms of Use? If you have a website that involves client interaction to download a product, buy goods or services, communicate with other users, and so forth, then your home page should include a link to your site’s Terms of Use (also known as Terms of Service). This is the legal stuff that isn’t nearly as much fun to design, but certainly necessary to protect your company by notifying customers, clients, subscribers, or other users about the dos and don’ts of how they can utilize your website.

Not sure where to start? The Terms of Use is a legally binding contract between the user and your business. It must clearly state to the reader that by interacting with your website or using your company’s goods or services that he or she is automatically agreeing to be subject to the Terms of Use in the entirety, without modification. This contractually binds the user. You can take it a step further and have users confirm acceptance of the Terms of Use by requiring them to either check a box or press a button acknowledging that they accept them before being able to continue using your site.

Other items to include in your Terms of Use are:

  • Prohibited uses.
  • Notification of possible service interruptions and updates.
  • The term of the agreement begins the moment the user begins interacting with the website or uses any of its goods or services.
  • All data submitted or transmitted fully complies with the law and clearly specifies that your company won’t be liable whatsoever for the user’s misuse of its data.
  • State that the company can also declare the right to revoke or restrict the user’s access to its website, products, or services if the user violates the Terms of Use of any applicable law.
  • Clearly state that the company provides on its website must be treated with strict confidentiality.
  • Additional information to include are indemnification and limitation of liability, amendments, notices, reference your site’s privacy policy, and miscellaneous provisions.


Let CyberSpyder Marketing Services' experience and knowledge help you create the perfect website from conception to the final finished product that includes a Terms of Use agreement to protect you and your business.

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