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Google AdWords

By now, you have probably heard about Google AdWords. You probably think to yourself, “I need to check on that.” That is pretty much the extent of your Google AdWords campaign, because you get busy running your business and wearing all the hats that are required of you to make your business successful. Marketing often is put on the back burner for business owners, especially marketing plans that include things we do not fully understand how they work.

Hiring a professional company like Cyberspyder to help you could just get your company to the next level. Google AdWords may just be one of the easiest and best ROI’s you can get for your marketing dollars. Think about it, the phrase “just Google it” has become so commonplace, “Google” has practically changed the English language.

Before we jump into the stats, let us do a quick overview of just exactly what Google AdWords is. It is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform with two basic ways of reaching people.

  1. through the Google Search Network, and
  2. through the Google Display Network

Google AdWords

The Google search network allows you to show your ads to users who are actively searching for relevant keywords that have been preselected by you. For example, if you own a real estate business, you bid to have your ad show up every time a user types in “homes for sale in Fort Smith, Arkansas.” That is a very generic overview of how Google AdWords works, but in a nutshell that is how it works. You pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

Google AdWords

Now, let’s get into what every business owner understands-the stats. An article written by stated the following:

  • 86% of consumers user the Internet to find a local business.
  • 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via a web search
  • 29% of consumers search for local businesses at least every week

Personally, I fit every one of those stats. I couldn’t tell you the last time I used a phone book or any print advertisement for that matter. If I can’t find something, I “just Google it” and whatever business shows up in the search, is typically the one I use, generally. The search is 90% of me using the business, but if that search doesn’t lead me to a great, informational website then I move on to the next one. It is all intertwined and all works together, again, why you need to hire a company to get all these things working together for you.

Google AdWords

Sure, there are other search engines out there, but the same article goes on to reveal the following stats:

  • Google owns 71% of the search market share
  • Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network
  • Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users
  • Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for brand- and segment-specific terms.

 Google AdWords can easily give you one of the best and most successful marketing campaigns….if done properly. You could spend thousands of dollars and get nothing for your money. Sure, you have Googled it and think you understand how it works, but why even chance it? Let Cyberspyder’s expertise and full understanding of Google AdWords transform your business’ online presence and help you get the most return on your investment.

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