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Cause Marketing

March brings us to our fourth marketing trend for this year, cause marketing. Today’s consumers are looking for more business transparency and their impact on society. Brands and businesses are expected to be socially responsible.

According to Mailchimp, 70% of consumers want to know how brands are addressing social and environmental issues. Just reading and knowing how brands are addressing these issues isn’t enough; 46% of consumers pay close attention to a brand’s actions. Bottom line, consumers will follow through to make sure businesses are actually doing what they say they are.

Maichimp describes cause marketing as “a collaboration between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization.” By partnering together, the business or brand boosts their social responsibility and the non-profit is able to bring more awareness to their organization.


Ready to begin cause marketing for your business or brand? Follow these simple steps:



  1. Determine a cause that aligns with the values of your business and consumers. The key is keeping it genuine, if not, consumers will see right through it and view it as a marketing campaign ploy just to get their business. Always partner with a cause that truly means something to you.



  1. What type of contribution will your business make? Will it be a percentage of sales, services, volunteer groups, or donations of your product or service? Determine the best fit for both the non-profit and you.



  1. Once all the details are worked out, build excitement via social media, your website, and other forms of advertisement. A direct email campaign to your customers is also a good way to build excitement. Hosting a special kick-off event is also a great way to get the word out.


To help you build a cause marketing campaign, contact Cyberspyder Marketing Services today, 479.782.0005. While you’re at it, get a website and graphic design quote!

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