Search Optimization


Search Optimization

Search Optimization

What can CyberSpyder do for your Google and other search engine rankings? Our objective is to turn searches into clicks and clicks into your new customers! Search optimization (SEO) is one of the largest contributors to the success of your website. 

What good is a website if no one sees it? People need to be able to find your site on the first page of Google, and preferably near the top.  You can achieve that goal and we can help.  There's more to it than just building a good website.  It starts there, but then you need analytics. You have to know where you are before you can plot the path to better search engine rankings.

We analyze your website and study your competitors. Based on this research, we can plan a strategy that will build your rankings. We don't use any Black Hat techniques. We use tried and true methods that are proven to work.

Search optimization is more than just adding some keywords and meta tags.  What the search engines are looking for changes frequently.  We work hard to stay up-to-date with these changes and apply them to the services we provide.  We can make sure your website utilizes the latest recommendations and best practices.  

Google Structured Data We use JSON-LD tags to bring your business to the top of potential customers' search results.  We create what Google calls snippets for each of the articles on your site to increase traffic on your website, which leads to more customers for your business. Snippets are special Google search engine results that display information about your content with a picture, which makes searchers more likely to click on your website.

Local Search is another focal point in search optimization. We ensure that your content is both interesting and easy to find for the people in your community in addition to those outside your local area. We also ensure that your website runs as fast as possible to decrease bounce rates and keep people browsing your business's website for longer. We also work hard to optimize mobile search results in your community.

Rankings Reports  You need to be able to track results.  We can provide monthly reports showing exactly how effective our marketing strategy is in comparison to your competitors and what results you are getting for every dollar. We can tell you valuable information such as which pages are more popular, average clicks per person, and bounce rates.