Marcos Cordoba


Marcos Cordoba was born and raised in Fort Smith, AR, and has spent all his life there. Upon graduating with honors from Southside High School in 2015, Marcos decided to attend Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR to pursue a degree in Computer Science. His stint at ATU did not last long as he decided to transfer back home to Fort Smith, AR where he attended the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith until May 2020.

Marcos was given the opportunity to become an intern for CyberSpyder in September 2020 and was excited to use his existing programming skills while learning new skills all in a professional environment. Throughout college and some personal free time, Marcos was able to absorb some knowledge of Java, JavaScript, C++, Cobol, and SQL. These skills proved useful in the projects Marcos worked on during his time as an intern. “It has been refreshing seeing my work produce something more than just a grade for an assignment and it was eye-opening because the skills I learned in college weren’t as much of a waste of time as I thought.”

Marcos completed his internship in March 2021 and was offered a permanent position on the CyberSpyder team, ready to continue the hard work he had already put in. Marcos’s favorite project so far was his first website project,, a website for the local chapter of the American Legion veteran group. “That was the first website I made start to finish (with some graphic design help), so it will always be special to me.”

In his spare time, Marcos enjoys playing video games, wasting time on social media, streaming movies & television, and researching cryptocurrencies.