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As we all know, the shift to online shopping has continually taken a toll on brick and mortar stores.  Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the shutdown of a large portion of those stores,  many are struggling to survive. The news continually reports about another large retailer that has predominantly relied upon walk-in customers in the past has filed bankruptcy and/or closing stores. Additionally, retailers no longer compete only with other similar retailers. Online shopping has brought another competitor – the manufacturers.


Waze and Your Business

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Waze. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Chances are if you haven’t, you will in the very near future. Waze is a free app offering one of the largest community-based traffic and navigation apps that was acquired by Google.  This app is used throughout the word by motorists to share real-time traffic and road information. The basic premise is that fellow drivers are helping one another out by saving each other time and fuel.

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How Using a Certified Google Partner Can Benefit You

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Not every marketing dollar is the same. Clients must decide which area to spend those dollars to get the biggest return on investment. When deciding where and how to spend your digital marketing dollars, it would only make sense to use someone that has a proven track record and can give you the most bang for your buck. The digital marketing world can almost seem overwhelming at times. There are so many options to choose from AdWords to social media marketing to websites with user-friendly e-commerce features. The digital marketing list could go on for days. When choosing your digital market company, look for a Certified Google Partner to help you efficiently turn those marketing dollars into revenue. CyberSpyder Marketing Services has achieved the elite Certified Google Partner status to help their clients get the best ROI. This status confirms their expertise in the digital marketing world on one of the most powerful online platforms.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager Can Make Your Life Easier

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Do you remember the old days of having to set up separate admins for Facebook business pages if you didn’t want to use your personal information to avoid giving page managers access to your personal Facebook page as well? I do. Wow, did that ever get confusing. Facebook has addressed this problem along with others by creating Facebook Business Manager. Agreed, in the beginning, there were a few kinks to work out with the new business manager concept, but that is all fixed now and there really isn’t anything that should be holding you back from utilizing this FREE tool offered by Facebook.

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Content Strategy... Why You Simply Must Have It

Just when you thought you had search optimization all figured out, now marketing analysts are telling us that search optimization is out and content strategy is in! This doesn’t mean that you should throw out everything you know and have invested in search optimization. What it does mean is that content strategy is becoming one of the most important means of converting users to customers. People are quite comfortable and accustomed to searching for a specific need and expecting to not only find it but also find it quickly.

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Millennials and the Dreaded Phone Call

According to Youth Employment Decade, there is one thing that binds Generations X, Y, and Z together. What is that, you ask? The nickname, “Generation Mute,” which refers to the way young individuals are almost addicted to using their phones. However, as many surveys have found, this Generation Mute detests one basic, founding function of the phone – audio calls. Here are some surveyed results1 on why the younger generations hate talking on the phone, and what that means for your business’s website.

Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud Computing and Data Security

“It’s on the cloud.” I’m sure you’ve heard that term a time or two and you all know that the cloud refers to the internet. Here’s a fun fact! Did you know the cloud was first used to reference the telephone network? Whether it be CRM mechanisms, file sharing, team communication, sales management, project management, data storage or something else, cloud computing has become the standard for most businesses. The convenience is second to none offering businesses the ability to allow their employees to work in various offices around the globe accessing data that once required employees to be in one central-local chained to a personal computer. However, with that convenience and limitless possibilities comes some concern for security breaches and hacking. A couple that you may be familiar with are (

Voice Search

Voice Search Is Where It's At

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My husband gets up a half hour before I do, but every morning before I get out of bed I hear, “Alexa start my day.” She then gives him his schedule, traffic, and weather. Then, I hear Alexa tune to CBS. Every. Single. Day. Alexa keeps my husband organized and ready for his day. In addition to the morning Alexa routine, I would venture to say that he and both each use voice search at least once a day. He probably uses it more than that because his job requires him to be in the vehicle a lot of the day. Voice search is not only convenient, but it offers a certain level of safety allowing him to remain hands-free and keep his eyes on the road. Voice search is here to stay and it has had a profound impact on search optimization and digital marketing.

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