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As I was perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across a quote by Ashley Chymiy, a business coach. It said, “Your business is the body. Your brand is the soul.” I thought to myself, “Wow, that is a great way to describe running a successful business.” The body has to be carefully tended to and cared for, but the branding is truly the heart of the business and reflects who you are as a business owner. Is your soul accurately depicted by your brand? Can clients see it? How do you know? How can you let your heart shine through?

To begin, you should write down what you want clients to see or gain from your business, your passion for the business you have chosen.

Here is the perfect example of a business owner’s soul reflecting the business’ brand. Jami Coleman, owner of Creative Kitchen (a retail housewares, gift store), posted an Instagram Q&A. One of the questions asked about why she chose that business. She answered that she grew up eating dinner around the kitchen table and that’s what she wants to help families do, eat dinner at the table again. Her store motto is, “Life happens in the kitchen.” If you ever have the opportunity to step into her store, you will immediately be able to tell that is truly her passion and soul and ultimately her brand.

After you have established what it is you want to convey to your clients and written it down, post it. This isn’t for your customers, but for you. To remind you when things get tough why you want to keep on keepin’ on with your business. In all things you do from marketing to how you greet customers, let your soul shine through. Customers like to see passion and truth from businesses. This is your opportunity.

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