Your anti-virus software (and firewall) may not be safe

Your anti-virus, firewall or security suite may be bad for your PC. Yes, the very program that you bought or downloaded and installed may be the key for allowing your system to become infected and/or attacked.

You can read all about this issue by following the link below.

While the big two companies, were not named in the article or in the reference report, they both tend to be very resource intensive and could possible slow your computer to a crawl, especially if you have an older PC.


Also, notably not mentioned in the article or report, were VIPRE products which are supported by Threat Track Security. Did you know that CyberSpyder, Inc. is an authorized Threat Track Security vendor for VIPRE products? CyberSpyder can install, clean and support you from your home PC to your work PC, even your whole work computer network. Did you know that VIPRE consistently beats the big two companies on speed, reliability and effectiveness while also performing better, resource wise?

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