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What is a Social Media Kit & Why Do I Need One?

Companies have been using media kits for decades…they just used to be in a cardboard folder and mailed or hand-delivered. Fortunately, now most are in PDF format and can simply be attached to an email or downloaded from your website.

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A typical media kit should contain:

  • Contact details of anyone of relevance and especially a person who can be interviewed.
  • Interesting information about the company, founder, products, anything that can be used to tell your story and make a connection with customers.
  • High-resolution images that can be used by the media. This is also important to maintain consistency for branding your company.
  • Recent news coverage or publications about your company or product are always helpful.

Media kits are not limited to just companies anymore. Most job seekers have some sort of personal media kit to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. For example, after my daughter graduated college she created a kit with her resume and portfolio to send to potential employers rather than waiting until the interview. This set her apart from the rest and helped her land a job quickly.

Now let us take the standard media kit up a notch and add “social” to it as social media is easily one of the most visual representations of your brand. A social media kit has two parts 1) knowing what your long-term goals are and what metrics to use to help you achieve those goals, and 2) it should be custom tailored to each social media platform.

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  1. A few of the many metrics to help you achieve your long-term goals are consumer insights, website traffic, audience engagement and finally sales and revenue.

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  1. Graphics and content should be custom tailored for each social media platform. For example, when using graphics in an Instagram story, they should be adapted to fit Instagram. Great images are your best bet for grabbing a reader’s attention. A sharp and striking image is better than any clever headline you can come up with.

Bottom line a good social media kit is focused on helping business owners, bloggers, influencers, etcetera achieve their brand goals. There are thousands of templates you can purchase online, but as I have found the hard way in the past, I have bought them and messed around with them a bit, but never really got the template to work properly utilizing all the features available. Then, my regular duties as a business owner take over and before you know it; my template has gone by the wayside because I am too busy and frustrated to mess with it. I have found that it is better to just pay a marketing company like CyberSpyder to do the work for me. Additionally, CyberSpyder knows how to read the metrics and make tweaks as needed. On the front end, it can seem a bit more expensive, but once you have everything in place, you will see a real return on your investment, unlike the money spent on a template that is sitting there unused.

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After all what good is any of your branding if you are not seeing real revenue growth from it? Contact CyberSpyder at (479) 782-0005 today!

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