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My husband gets up a half hour before I do, but every morning before I get out of bed I hear, “Alexa start my day.” She then gives him his schedule, traffic, and weather. Then, I hear Alexa tune to CBS. Every. Single. Day. Alexa keeps my husband organized and ready for his day. In addition to the morning Alexa routine, I would venture to say that he and both each use voice search at least once a day. He probably uses it more than that because his job requires him to be in the vehicle a lot of the day. Voice search is not only convenient, but it offers a certain level of safety allowing him to remain hands-free and keep his eyes on the road. Voice search is here to stay and it has had a profound impact on search optimization and digital marketing.

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Back in April, Website Magazine compiled an interesting infographic from various sources such as Google, Voicebot, HubSpot and many others. Here is a brief rundown of some of the data they shared:

  • Over one billion voice searches occur every month worldwide
  • 20% of mobile queries are voice searches
  • By 2022, over half of households are expected to own smart speaker devices
  • 65% of 18-64-year-olds use a voice assistant
  • 20% of all voice search queries are triggered by a set of 25 keywords
  • 43% use their voice-enabled device to shop
  • Locally, 76% of users perform local voice searches at least once a week and 46% look for information on local businesses on a daily basis

I have pointed out just a few, to see the full infographic check it out here. I want to go back and touch on a few things that stood out to me and are crucial to any business---large or small.

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Can we just talk about that target audience?! There aren’t many marketing outlets that allow you to interact and influence such a high percentage of such a wide age range. Another number that stood out to me was the fact that 76% of users perform local searches weekly and nearly half look for information on a local business daily. In my opinion, what these numbers say is that it is vital to a small business to be relevant in the voice search sector. I believe if you are not, your business will suffer a great deal.  As the generation that has grown up with a smartphone in hand practically from birth ages and increases their purchasing power, they will do business with those that they can find via voice searches. Unfortunately, the business (large or small) that are not relevant in voice searches will be left behind.

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Search optimization, voice searches, and digital marketing can all seem to be overwhelming because it is hard to know where to start and where to invest your valuable marketing dollars. That’s why it’s best to leave it up to the experts allowing you to run your business. CyberSpyder Marketing Services specializes in building a unique digital marketing plan for every business size and type. Check out our blog about Voice Search Optimization.  Call or email today to make assure that your business is capitalizing on voice search optimization.