Is Your FAQ Used to Its Fullest Potential?

You’ve got your website and social media platforms looking great and content is consistently being posted on your accounts, but did you overlook one area that could make a big impact on your readers? What does your FAQ section say about you? The Frequently Asked Questions section can be one of the most lackluster elements of a business’s website or marketing efforts. Rather than an afterthought, the FAQ should be viewed as an opportunity to make a direct connection between you and the customer. The majority of consumers, especially Gen Zers, typically gather information about a product or service from the company’s website and/or social media platforms rather than making a phone call to find out information. Although I am much older than a Gen Zer, I would say that calling a business is usually a last resort for me. I am much happier if I can research and make decisions with information from a company’s website or social media page. I very often use the FAQ section and if a business has a good one, it puts them a step ahead of the competition.

How can you improve your FAQ?

  • Use this platform to speak to your customers the same way you would if you were talking to them in person or on the phone. Pay attention to the verbiage consumers use when making an inquiry. Are they younger or are they professionals? Use the FAQ section to respond to them with the same tone they use to talk to you. Set a positive tone, which will, in turn, set a positive image for your company.
  • Answer frequently asked questions with detailed information to show them that you are the best at what you do. Ultimately, you are establishing credibility in your field.
  • Let your customer service skills shine. Show your readers that you are willing to help them even before they become paying customers.

Not sure where to start to improve or add a FAQ section? CyberSpyder Marketing Services can help you develop a unique FAQ section that best represents your business and target audience. To tap into this underused marketing source, contact CyberSpyder today, and while you’re there check out the FAQ section to learn about choosing the right domain name and many other frequently asked questions.