URGENT Security Patches released for Adobe products

Adobe has recently released two very important security patches for two of its programs.

The most urgent update/patch of the two is with the Adobe Flash Player and the second is with the lesser known and used Adobe Shockwave Player.


Adobe has identified a security vulnerability which allows a user to take control over your PC without your knowledge. The issue was first identified in Flash Player early last week and then in Shockwave later in the week.

If you have the auto-update feature turned on in these programs, they should have already patched themselves. Or if you have a PC security program, like VIPRE Internet Security (which we sell by the way). that checks for software patches/updates, the programs should be patched already.

We would recommend, just to be on the safe side, or if you do not have either of the above options in place, manually checking the programs. To do so, please go to this link:

On the right side of the page, at the top, will be a box with four download options. Click on either one of the affected programs and follow the instructions provided. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you deselect/uncheck the box in the middle of the download pages to install any additional trial software that they offer, usually McAfee. Also, if you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, it automatically updates Flash Player so you should see a message stating so, BUT you still need to go ahead and download the SYSTEM player. There will be a link in the second paragraph to download the system player.

If you already have the latest versions, the installers will let you know that you do and all is good. If you have older versions, the installers will update everything to the newer safer versions.

If you have any issues installing/checking your existing versions, or are interested in VIPRE Internet Security for your PC, we are available for remote log-in service and we can make sure you are updated for a small fee. Please give us a call at any of the numbers listed at the bottom of our website at

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