Twitter is breaking the 140 character limit!

Twitter has recently announced that direct messaging limits will be bumped up from 140 characters to 10,000 characters. This update will begin rolling out in July. No official date has been released.

For fans of character limits, you have nothing to fear, Tweets will continue to be limited to 140 characters for the foreseeable future.

Twitter’s new direction will open up an entirely new level of customer interaction for businesses using it as a primary communication channel.

As you may already be aware, Twitter has emerged as the premier customer service platform. Its massive popularity is due to the short nature of the Tweet. Tweets allow users to receive large amounts of meaningful information from multiple sources as efficiently as possible. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is geared towards real-time interaction with strangers. This makes it much easier for you as a business to engage with your customers on a more personalized level.

To take full advantage of this update, we suggest that you take the time to update a few of your settings.

 Twitter's new long-form API settings

*Image source: Twitter forum.

  • Update your GET requests so you will be able to receive the full length direct message.
  • Adjust your app UI to accommodate the longer direct message text.

Now that you are ready to send and receive “full-sized” messages, head over to our other article Using Twitter's Direct Messaging For Effective Customer Service.

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