Alarm Clock

Time for a consistency check!

Do your customers know when you are open?


With the plethora of information available on the internet and other sources, its easy leave old, outdated information out there and confuse customers.

We recommend you review all your marketing materials yearly. Start in the office and check your business cards, catalogs, brochures, fliers, etc. Make sure all the contact information and hours are up-to-date, if they are not, throw it out, or cover it with stickers printed with corrected information.

Check your website and social media pages. Many times we see clients that have conflicting information on these channels. Click the About tab on Facebook and make sure it’s accurate, then go through the other channels you have. One common problem is Google+. 90% of all business have a Google+ (transitioning into Google My Business) page, and many have not claimed theirs. These are out there with 10 year old information on them. Claim yours and update it for accuracy. These pages are FREE and Google will not ever call you about claiming yours. If you get a call about your Google+ page, it is a tele-marketer wanting to sell you something.

Check your online directory listings, IE. Yelp, Manta, and do the same thing. Don’t fall victim to Yext, however. Their annual fees are very high and they don’t give you any log in information to maintain your listings yourself. If you quit using them, then again, your information will become outdated since you won't have access to the data if something changes. You are better off to go through these yourself or hire someone like us, who will give you your login information.

While you are at it, visit your website on your phone or other mobile device and make sure this information is easy for your customers to find.

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