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Thinking Outside The Box With The Third Marketing Trend of 2022

February brings us the third marketing trend of 2022. This third trend may seem a bit unconventional for a marketing company --- when marketing companies take ownership in products or services they help sell. A vested interest gives additional motivation to sell that product or service.

What exactly is a vested interest? Investopia defines it as “a personal stake or involvement in a project, investment, or outcome.” This personal stake or involvement is generally motivated by a financial gain. Many people might not be too sure about this, but it’s similar to a company putting its capital at stake by investing in its employees by way of their salaries hoping the more business they bring to the company, the more it will profit. The vested interest in this situation is in the employees’ success resulting in the company’s growth in terms of profitability.


How can you make your business attractive to a marketing company to invest in your product or service? Think Shark Tank. People pitch their ideas and/or businesses in hopes that the Sharks will invest and offer their expertise in exchange for a financial gain.



First, the investor will need to know that you personally have a serious vested interest in the business; usually by having a substantial portion of their own money/assets. After all, if you aren’t willing to put in your own assets, why would a stranger want to?


Next, you need to make sure that you have a solid business plan for success.


Finally, can you prove that you are a serious business owner willing to stick with it through the ups and downs?


Vested interest doesn’t always have to be monetary. A vested interest can mean trading services. For example, you could trade your business’ product or service in exchange for a marketing plan.



The main takeaway from this trend, is to think outside the box. You have a quality product or service to offer, so don’t be afraid to let investors know about it. Cyberspyder Marketing Services will help you develop a marketing plan outside the standard box. Contact a marketing expert today, 479.782.0005.

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