Email Marketing

The State of Email Marketing 2016

Email marketing is still a very valid form of marketing.  Here are some interesting statistics:


  • Email marketing was the biggest factor in driving Black Friday transactions in 2015, with 25.1% of sales beginning with email marketing.
  • 70% of millennials check their email from bed and 57% from the bathroom.
  • 89% of businesses that use email marketing say it is their primary source of leads.

    Here are some factors to keep in mind to boost your results.
  1. Your email must be designed for mobile viewing.   55% of all opens are from a mobile device, with 33% of these being iPhones.
  2. Personalize the subject line for 26% higher open rate.  People like to see their name.  Actually, personalization is the “new” thing on the web.   Websites can have specific content just for individual users, based on what you have shown an interest in.  This is permeating every form of internet marketing.
  3. Use lots of photos.  65% of users prefer images over text.
  4. Even better, use video.  Adding video increases click rate by 300%

Email signups can be added to your website so people can sign up, and you can even set up QR codes that you can post in your place of business that, when scanned with a cell phone, automatically take your people to the sign up form.

It’s a smart practice to divide your list of names into segments.  This gives you more flexibility, allowing you to send different messages out to different people.  For example, you may want a client list, a prospect list, or even break it down by areas of interest, or types of business.  You can then send the same message to all the people, or target just a select few.  Segmenting this way on average produces an 8% improvement in the number of clicks to your website.

Many businesses are carrying their email marketing even further by adding automation.  For example, you could send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business.  Automatically follow up with customers after a purchase, or surprise your best subscribers with a coupon triggered by their shopping behavior.  There are many other ways to implement automation, but it’s a very effective method of maintaining contact and upselling users.  Automation is a premium feature, but well worth the investment for most people.

One of the big advantages of email marketing is the reporting that goes with it.  You can track the success of campaigns, track opens, forwards to friends, clicks to your site or social media, shares, etc.  You will learn a lot about what your subscribers care about and what motivates them into action.

Did you know that CyberSpyder Marketing Services offers email marketing with newsletters, blog postings and more? We can seamlessly integrate the above outlined ideas into your current website. If you don’t have a website yet or your current one is not performing and producing the results that you expected, we can help with that, too.

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