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Who is guilty of being sucked into someone’s story on social media? I’ll admit it…me! It never fails I’m just going to take a quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram and BAM the next thing I know; I’m engrossed in a story. There is something about quick little snippets that can hypnotize us, particularly for me, if it is someone or a business that is continually offering tips and advice on something I am interested in.

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Here is a great example of how social media stories turn into customers for businesses and brands. I have watched Fit.Four.Five’s stories for at least six months or more. Stephanie’s story started with her own journey of fitness and has evolved into the successful business it is today. She is fantastic at consistently updating her stories offering nutrition and training advice. Her consistency in her social media stories helped me realize her special gift for fitness ultimately making me want to get on board with her fitness training because I didn’t want to miss another second without being involved! I am happy to say that I am now one of her clients. This is proof that marketing via social media stories works.

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If you think about it, storytelling is embedded in our souls from the time we were children. Storytelling goes back generations and generations. Being drawn in by a good story doesn’t stop when we become adults because the subconscious mind is very receptive to stories. Videos particularly resonate with us and allow a brand to connect emotionally with the consumer.

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Experts agree that brands should focus on reaching 20% of the audience that will actually convert into business rather than trying to lasso the larger audience, which seems to be quite the opposite of social media marketing in general. Think about it, though, if you can really grab that 20% and convert them to paying customers by focusing only on things you are good at that interests them. Going back to Fit.Four.Five, I’m going to venture to say that the majority of her clientele is women; therefore, she focuses on things that interest women trying to improve their fitness levels. Her videos allow her easy personality to come across to viewers while proving that she knows what she is doing. One program that she offers is specific training for problems that only women that have had children will experience eliminating an entire sex and honing in a very targeting group. You know what, it works and it works well.

Takeaways for your business/brand’s social media story marketing is:

  • Know what you are good at and focus on that.
  • Know your 20% and whom your services and skills benefit the most.
  • Offer viewers a bit of free advice and useful knowledge.
  • Stay consistent! It is easy to start off with a bang and fizzle out in a month. Don’t beat yourself up over that, because you’re running the day-to-day business. You are better off to hire a company like CyberSpyder to do your posting for you or at a bare minimum allow them to design you a schedule for posting. Trust me, you will be money ahead!

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