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Q1 2021: Mini Year-End Review

Q1 2021: Mini Year-End Review

We’ve made it through the first quarter of 2021 giving a bit of an insight as to the trajectory of the remaining nine months. For some, sales have never been better, but others are struggling to keep the doors open and pay employees. Regardless of which side you are on financially, it’s a good time to evaluate your social media and advertising strategies. It’s important to look at each quarter as if they are a mini year-end review. This allows you to make necessary tweaks and adjustments before they become huge issues later on. My quarterly mini year-end review steps are as follows:

  1. Even if you are not an accounting whiz, your financials are the best and only way to determine what is working and what is not. Take a look at your sales revenues and how much it cost you to earn those dollars examining your payroll, overhead, and advertising expenses.

  1. Once you’ve pulled your advertising costs, look at your advertising overall. Did you have success with a print advertising campaign or were most of your sales from a continuous social media presence? One of my favorite forms of advertisement is social media because of the wide span of audiences, specificity, and the opportunity to be in front of a customer or potential customer 24/7.
  2. Examine your social media platforms and content. Content geared towards your target audience coupled with consistency is key to successful advertising. I recommend creating a social media calendar at least once a month. On the front end, it can seem like a big undertaking, but it really isn’t and you will thank yourself later in the month when you are busy running your business. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to think about holiday posts, upcoming events you want your customers to know about, and specific times you want customers to be introduced to your products and services. See the image and link below for my general template. I break advertising out by weeks, preferred post times, content, and any other information I deem necessary. This is done via a Google Doc so everyone on my team can see it and add any questions, ideas, and any other comments. I also use it for any links I want my team to look at or cross-link within a post.


Although businesses are re-opening and seeing more foot traffic, your online presence is more important than ever. CyberSpyder Marketing Services can help you get the most from your advertising dollars. They can collab with you once a month, once a quarter, or once a year to develop a social media calendar perfect for your business. Contact them today to schedule a consultation at 479.782.0005.

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