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Planning Your 2021 Marketing Calendar

The year 2020 won’t be a year that we forget anytime soon. It taught us all how to adapt to circumstances that none of us could have ever prepared for a year ago. Business owners have had to go above and beyond expectations just to survive. Now that the calendar has turned to December and the end of this unpredictable year is coming to a close, what now? As a business owner, planning your marketing calendar for the upcoming year may be the most important thus far. However, this year will most likely look different from the past. Where should you start?

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  • Companies with a solid online presence came out as winners during the pandemic and will continue even after things have settled down. As people were forced to stay home, their smartphones and computers became their lifelines to things happening in the outside world. However, simply having a social media account and website won’t cut it. Knowing your audience still rings true as it always has. For example, in the past, the majority of our customers for our business have been Facebook users, but as time has gone on our client-base is shifting to Instagram users.

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  • If you are a brick-and-mortar store, continue to evolve and develop ways to continue sales if there is another lockdown. Even if there isn’t another lockdown, customers have come to appreciate the convenience of curbside pick-up. I know when I was a young mother and my husband traveled for work, I would have loved to have had that option.

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  • Continue to remain flexible. If nothing else, we have all learned how to be flexible and figure it out as we go. Think of your calendar as a roadmap to starting a trip, but you may encounter a few detours along the way. Eventually, you will get there, but the route may look a bit different than the original plan.

Hiring a good marketing firm such as CyberSpyder Marketing Services will help you continue to transition as things evolve. Let them do the hard work for you. You have enough on your plate. They will take care of regular and timely social media posts, website updates, and much more. Call 479.782.0005 today to start your 2021 marketing plan.

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