To Do List

My January To Do List

January is a great time to go over your website and social media channels.  The Internet is an ever-changing medium and every business's Internet presence should reflect that. 

1. Work on website:

I have been going over our website to make sure it meets the needs of our clients and prospects. We recently added the Tech Blog, and will be changing our Portfolio into a more in-depth description of each site.  I will soon be adding pages to show the Graphic Design we can do, as well as filling out the Hosting and PC repair pages.  I want to add downloadable PDF brochures about our products.  

Also, we are going to make our home page be more "news-worthy," posting news and sales, etc. directly to the home page.   Another idea we have is to add a knowledge base and possibly some "how to" videos.  That will be toward the middle of the year.

2. Create a Social Media Calendar

It's easy to loose track of time and forget to post something when you are busy.  Creating an editorial calendar will help me remember.  I am going to use scheduled posts so I won't miss any deadlines.

3. Build a referral program

We are going to introduce a referral program that will reward our clients that pass the good word about CyberSpyder to their friends.  Look for news about this in the next newsletter!

These are just a few of our ideas, and they can easily apply to your business as well. 

Here's to a GREAT 2013!

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