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No matter what type of business or service your company offers, the pandemic has catapulted the e-commerce side several years forward. We have seen it coming for a while now, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to re-think and adapt to meet the needs of our clients. I have said it before and I will say it again, the resilience of small business owners has astounded me. As the vaccine rollouts continue, we can hopefully reach some kind of pre-pandemic normalcy or a new and improved version of normalcy. Personally, I like the new and improved option because I love having the option to do my grocery shopping online and have them delivered to my home (boy, what I wouldn’t have done for that when I was raising babies and my husband traveled for work) or to see a home virtually before deciding on an in-person showing. Businesses that continue to evolve with the new and improved normalcy will be the winners when the pandemic dust settles. Follow these tips to get your business ready for the new and improved normal:

  1. Millennials and Gen Zers are quickly making their way to the driver’s seat in today’s market. Many marketers refer to them as HENRYs (High Earning, Not Rich Yet consumers) meaning they are making a good living, yet still building and accumulating wealth. Many businesses are taking this opportunity to establish lasting relationships. Your business can do the same by understanding where their focus is. For example, brands that value sustainability, are inclusive, and embrace new definitions of status are important topics that businesses can show consumers that your company values doing the right thing.

  1. If your business isn’t represented in the digital space, I’m afraid you are going to be overshadowed by those that are. Consumers today expect information on-demand on their schedules. I can relate to this a thousand times over. We just finished building our home and I can’t tell you how many 2:00 am researches and purchase transactions I made for lighting, paint, and furniture. If your business doesn’t have a strong representation online and via social media, it’s time.

  1. With the lack of face-to-face contact, unfortunately, customer service has often left a lot to be desired. Companies that focus on offering help and service to clients will come out as winners to today’s consumers. In fact, many experts believe that there is less need to focus on deals and offers when the customer experience is positive.

To get your business ready for the new and improved normal, contact CyberSpyder Marketing Services at 479.782.0005. One of the professional marketers will assess your current business needs and develop a forward-thinking marketing plan for both the near term and future growth.

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