Have you tried video?

There are a number of benefits to adding video to your site.  

  1. It's the fastest way to get your message out
  2. It's more engaging than text.  
  3. Search engines LOVE it - so more people see it.
  4. It's more fun to watch, so people tend to spend more time watching.
  5. It gives your business a personality.
  6. It makes you stand out from your competition.

Now that you know why to use it, how do you go about getting it?  Actually, video is really pretty easy.  You can film it with your cell phone or video camera, there are numerous online video creators (just google online video creator), or if you want a video of slides, you can make it with movie maker or by converting a PowerPoint presentation.  There are cool ways to use each of these to market your business or a product, or even an event. Who knows, after playing with it for a few days, you might go crazy and have a whole YouTube channel!  

However you go about getting it, it's also easy to post it on your site.  There are tons of free modules and plugins designed specifically for this.  We can help you showcase your masterpiece.

If we can help in any way, be sure to let us know!



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