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Have you heard the news? Google announced that websites are now required to have an SSL certificate in order to avoid being flagged as an unsecure site to all Google Chrome users.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol used for transmitting private documents via the Internet. It ensures any data passing between the secure link between a server and a client is encrypted and remains private. It’s pretty standard security tech when dealing with the transfer of private information over the web, although there are a lot of websites that don’t have it.

Typically, Google Chrome displays an icon in the upper left hand corner of a particular website’s address bar to indicate a website’s level of security. Google has continually spoken out against websites that don’t have even the minimum of server security (such as HTTP webpages). And now, Google has implemented the first step of their plan to get rid of all non-HTTPS (SSL certified) webpages with the stricter security standards of the new Chrome 56.

It was announced on Google’s Security Blog that starting in January 2017 Google would begin displaying warnings to their users that visit login websites without an SSL certificate.

login screen

What It Means To Be SSL Certified

Basically, if your website requires personal data (such as login details or credit card info) you need an SSL certificate in order to show that you can protect that information. Or else, your site will be flagged as a non-secure webpage and visitors will be warned away.

security screen

Google has been campaigning for many years to do away with unsecure web browsing. Especially when it comes to doing business on an unsecure connection. Hacked emails, stolen account information, and identity theft are very real concerns on a non-secure network. Since 2014, Google has been calling for SSL (HTTPS) to be used by every website on the web. They gained a rapid amount of support when they announced that websites with SSL would rank higher in Google Search Engine results than websites without it. This was especially appealing for businesses (which was Google’s target audience) who were competing with other business websites for a better positon on the search results page.

How CyberSpyder Can Help

Don’t have SSL? No problem! Google’s new requirement for an SSL certificate doesn’t have to be a hassle!

At CyberSpyder, we can provide SSL's for all of our customers! Our websites are 100% SSL certified and Google Chrome approved. We’d be happy to work with you to ensure your website is outfitted with the latest in web security.

We know that a significant amount of business comes from online. With the popularity of e-commerce on the rise, an online presence for small businesses is a must. Don’t let your business be flagged as unsecure or untrustworthy! Contact CyberSpyder today and ask us about our SSL services.

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