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Going Apps Deep!

Using Google’s URL shorting service to “deep link” directly to content in your business’s Android or IOS app.  


Google is constantly making our lives easier, and this week they made sharing your company’s content even easier. Google just announced that their short links can now be used to share all of your content. Their short links can now share content regardless if it is on your website, Android or IOS apps! To use this new feature you must first properly set up App Indexing For Android and IOS Apps. The shortened URL will take visitors that have the app installed directly to the page within the app, all other visitors will be taken to your web page. This update will now allow you to actively encourage your app users to engage with your app on a regular basis. This incredible new feature will work with any new and pre-existing shortened URLs. This means that all of your old that link to your content will also take visitors to your app. To optimize your apps sharing experience, enable the integrating Google’s URL Shortener API into your app. Doing so will allow your app to generate links that will direct users to your app, even across platforms!

Want to see it in action? Open this link with any mobile device with Google maps installed Google's goo,le URL shortening tool can be found at


google map example


What are your thoughts? Will the new short links change the way you share your content? Please share your experience and insights in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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