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FOMO and Facebook Live

FOMO…. Have you heard of it? Do you suffer from it? You know that anxious feeling that an exciting or interesting event is happening somewhere else, typically documented by social media. If you have ever experienced this, then you (along with myself) have suffered from the fear of missing out at one time or another. A marketing strategist, Dan Herman, claimed to be the first to identify FOMO in the 1990s, but it really wasn’t even a major “thing” until social media has become so dominant in our lives. Businesses can use this phenomenon to create desirable marketing results…enter Facebook Live!

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Facebook Live has been around since April 2016 and has continued to gain popularity without any signs of slowing anytime soon. The great thing about Facebook Live is that you can interact with your viewers while you are live if you choose to and the video will stay on your page or profile for viewers who missed the live event to see it. Businesses using Facebook live on their pages are able to customize and control their audience after it has ended. Another great feature is that page followers will get a notification when a page or individual is going live.  

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Why should you get in on the live streaming craze? The better question is, why not? Facebook Live allows you to get to know people and they are able to get to know you in real-time. You can also show them what you are made of. Use Facebook live to teach your viewers how to do something further proving you are the expert in your field. You can use it to promote an event to create FOMO in viewers.

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Don’t wait another day to hop onto the Facebook Live bandwagon! Aren’t comfortable going live and on camera for all to see? No worries. Cyberspyder Marketing Services can help you with that. They can give you pointers on content, timing and even how to successfully interact with viewers. Give them a call today or a private message on their Facebook page.

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