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‘Tis the season to get started on your 2018 holiday marketing. We have just begun the last quarter of the year and you want to be sure to end it on a very merry note when it comes to marketing your business. The holiday season allows you to connect with your customers in a completely different way—it is all about being cheery and bright. No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use the holiday season to your benefit. Here are a few easy ways to get you in the spirit of holiday marketing:

  • Last month we talked about the importance of Google AdWords when marketing your business (read the full blog here). Why not get seasonal with your AdWords by targeting holiday shoppers? You will want to use seasonal ad copy to include words and phrases like “holiday”, “Christmas”, “Hanukah”, “pumpkin spice”, and any other obvious holiday word or phrase. Another great way to capitalize on Google AdWords is to instill a sense of urgency with copy like “50% off if you order before November 15”. I am a true testimony to the urgency ads, because Shutterfly gets me every year to get those Christmas cards ordered early to get that discount! You will also need to work with your marketing company to help you set up scheduling to bid the times when shoppers are searching.

  • If your business is not actively involved in Instagram, you are missing a number of sales and at the very minimum clicks to your website. I’m not saying Facebook is irrelevant by any means and it definitely still has its place, but if your demographic is predominantly 17 to 35, they are most likely not as active on Facebook as they are on Instagram. My two daughters have bought countless things directly from Instagram ads. I, on the other hand, am older than that and still gravitate to Facebook.

  • As I mentioned, Facebook is certainly still very relevant especially with the Gen Xers and older. For one, they are comfortable with Facebook and ads work extremely well on this social media platform. Our businesses have had great success in holiday marketing campaigns via this media source. In fact, for a non-profit event that I direct, Facebook is our best source of advertisement.

As you can see, online holiday marketing is more than just one method of advertisement. You must keep yourself relevant to all media platforms and in order to do this, you must be familiar with your demographic. Take my Shutterfly example, 40% off Christmas cards by a certain date is typically going to appeal to women with children or Millennials with pets. That is, of course, very generally speaking, but the point is 40% off Christmas cards by November 10th  is probably not going to appeal to a teenager. Let Cyberspyder’s decades of experience help you develop a custom marketing plan to appeal to your target demographic. They can help you set up automatic social media posts, for instance, I know our businesses posts get the most shares and likes early in the week, so anything I want to push and get a lot of attention, I will schedule to post during that peak time. Cyberspyder can help you analyze your company’s analytics to help you make 2018 your best holiday season! Call us at (479) 782-0005 or go online to for more details!

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