Useful Windows Tips

19 Most Useful Windows Tips

Below is a link to a pretty good little set of tips and/or tricks that most people with a Windows based computers will need at some point.


While I agree with the author of the article on most items, I do take exception to the suggestion at the end of Tip # 17. I do not recommend Microsoft Security Essentials as a top free anti-virus program.

In my work, and from what I have seen related to Windows Security Essentials, it is slow to respond to threats and does not cover all areas of your PC which requires the need for additional free software or rely on the built in programs shipped with Windows, which are not worth using. Although, it is better than nothing.

My suggestion for a free product is Comodo's Internet Security 2014 which can be downloaded from here. There is no need to upgrade it to the PRO version for the average consumer.

For paid programs, there is none better, in my opinion than VIPRE Internet Security 2014 which can be downloaded from here. Not only does this software have one of the smallest foot prints, it is also consistently rated at the top of the lists for its speed and thoroughness. If you have a newer PC that has a restoration image, or you have made a rescue disk, there is no need for the additional VIPRE Backup CD for the additional $9.95.

Here is the link to the Top 19 Tips article from
19 Most Useful Windows Tips & Tricks

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