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Aziel Burnett


Aziel was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1995. Aside from his four years at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock (UALR), he has lived in the Fort Smith area for his whole life. After graduating from Southside High School in Fort Smith, he attended UALR for four years and earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in art.

Aziel began working for CyberSpyder in late 2018. Aziel says, “I came to work here because a friend recommended me, but I stayed because it’s a great work environment with amazing people.” Aziel helps work on the following: website design, doing generally everything but the art; Google ads when a client wants to drum up business; and search optimization. Aside from our general services, he really specializes in programming and is one of the go-to people for coding problems.

One of Aziel’s top projects to work on was The Party Place. For The Party Place, Aziel had to build code that would search an online UPC database to grab new products’ information to add to the site. The code also allows for old products to be updated quickly with the primary, important information.

In his free time, Aziel enjoys watching a variety of shows from Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. One of his all-time favorite shows is Sword Art Online which helped him realize that he eventually wanted to code video games so that he could bring a world like that to life one day. On that note, he also enjoys playing video games of varying types like RPGs, Shooters, and MMOs. Some of his favorite games are Final Fantasy 14, Granblue Fantasy, Destiny 2, and Dragalia Lost.

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