When it comes to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local search results, Google is king- period.

If you want your company to effectively compete in the digital age, you have to abide by what google’s search algorithms proclaims. For better or worse, this means incorporating Google+ into your company’s social media strategy. Until recently, many small businesses tended to stay away from Google+ in favor of social media networks with a more “active” community. This all changed when Google began to factor Google+ activity into its local search results.


This updated search algorithm offers many ways to leverage your Google+ business profile.

A properly configured profile will lead to a higher local search ranking. It will also provide customers a place to leave reviews and open a new communication channel


Top Factors That Effect Local Search Rankings

  • 1+’s on Business’ Google+ profile

  • 1+’s on URL

  • Number of reviews left on Google+

  • Number of citations

  • Ratings score on Google+


In pratical terms this means that one Google+1 is worth a dozen Facebook likes, when it comes to local serach.




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